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Trip Payment Adjustment Options, fundraisers, and sponsor

December Trip Payment Options

Knowing that the Holiday Season is fast approaching, we have decided to offer the following options for the band trip payment that is due on December 1st, 2015.

1. Make the payment of $200 as scheduled.  

2. Make a lower payment of $150 with the understanding that the $50 will need to be made up in the following trip payments due on March 1st and June 1st (by paying $225 for each of these payments instead of $200 each).  

Upcoming Fundraisers:

STRIKE Up the Band - Bowling at Almar Lanes   Saturday, January 16th.  Most of the profits from this event will directly benefit individual student trip accounts.  Details about ticket sales will be shared soon.  See attachment.   

Return of Uniforms, trip payment,

There were a few students that did not return their band uniforms to the band room after the parade on Saturday.   We are sending the uniforms for cleaning this week.  Please make sure that all marching band uniforms are returned Monday or Tuesday morning.  

A reminder the next trip payment ($200) is due December 1st, 2015.   ALL TRIP PAYMENTS SHOULD BE SENT TO:    BG BANDS, P.O. Box 1385,  Bowling Green, OH  43402

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.  


Congrats on Today's Performances

1.Congrats to the BMB (Bobcat Marching Band) for their fine performance today at the Bowling Green Holiday Parade.  The sun always shines on the bobcat band!  cheeky

2. Congrats to Lilly Rakas, Elaine Hudson, Joey Craig, Frances Zengel, Saralynn George.  angel

3. Congrats to the Spartans for taking down the Buckeyes!  angry

4. Congrats to the Hoosiers for their victory.  It clearly is their destiny to win a championship (the only variable being "time").  cool

What a wonderful world it is!   

Students assigned to concert band & symphonic band

The following assignments are for the December Holiday Concerts.  We will have a playing test in December (after Dec. 10th) for a grade and to reassign students to the symphonic & concert bands for January - May.  

We will start tomorrow (Tuesday), so please have your concert instruments available for rehearsal.  


Thanks to all for a tremendous marching season!  



The Concessions Committee would like to send out a big THANK YOU to all parents, students and friends of the band who volunteered in the concession stands on Friday nights, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings this football season. We are so appreciative of your hard work and enthusiasm in making this a successful season!  Sheri Eddington and Kathy Cable

....and a special thanks to Sheri and Kathy for their tireless efforts,  BC & JS


Sharing the pride of Bowling Green High School: The Bobcat Marching Band

In this note:  1) Sharing thoughts     2) Senior Night     3) Tag Day     4) Indoor Marching Concert

1) Sharing the pride of Bowling Green High School:  The Bobcat Marching Band

I want to take a moment and share with you that the Bowling Green Band touched a lot of hearts last Friday night.  We have received innumerable notes of appreciation, phone calls, text messages, facebook postings, and conversations in appreciation for last Friday's Bobcat Band performance.  This list includes retired Bobcat Band directors Karen Smith & Thom Headley, band directors from other school districts, former students, former band parents, current band parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, the news media, and other members of the Bowling Green community.  

Re-emphasis on Travel with the BMB

Hello,  Just a reminder that when we travel, we need to follow certain procedures.  It is important that we make every effort to travel as a group.  We often have special instructions the day of an event.  However, we also want students to encourage students to participate in other activities as well and this leads to students sometimes needing to be in two places at the same time.  We have over 40 fall athletes.  Our band students tend to participate in every imaginable activity possible on a yearly basis and we are proud of that.  

If a student has another event the same day in which we need to have special travel plans made, we need to:

1) have a note in writing from a parent (or email) - ASAP.  Please include contact info (phone #, ...)

2) get that approved with the director.

3) the alternate transportation can not be a student driving (it must be an adult).

4) student/parent will need to plan to bring uniform, instrument, music, flip folder/lyre, other or make special arrangements for some of this to be taken care of.  

Again, a special thanks to our many students that have been participating in multiple activities.  We have a wonderful group of students that truly do represent the "Pride of Bowling Green."

thanks, BC

Congrats to the BMB For Their Fine Performances

The Bobcat Marching Band had a wonderful group of young guest performers Friday evening joining us in the singing of the "Alma Mater" and the "Star Spangled Banner."  Many thanks to our elementary music teachers:  Mrs. Boswell (Kenwood), Mrs. Wallace (Crim), and Mrs. Zweibel (Conneaut) for their efforts to prepare their students for this event.  The enthusiasm from the elementary performers was contagious and had a positive effect on all of us.  Thank you Bobcat Band members for making them feel welcome.  Our guest conductor, Eric Boswell, was very appreciative of your kindness to allow him to conduct our Bobcat Band during the halftime show.  

The Saturday Evening performance at Defiance High School was well performed and well-received.  It was a beautiful evening in which seven bands came together to share their shows with other bands and audience members.  Hearing and seeing the finale featuring over 900 band students and The Northwesternaires Barbershop singing group (about 30 members) was a special way to end the evening.  

A special thanks to all of our Bobcat Band members that are also fall athletes and cheerleaders!  With over 40 band members that are also athletes/cheerleaders, we appreciate your extra efforts to serve the BG Bobcats in multiple activities.  

Bobcat Proud!

Partly inspired by our class of 2015! "Established 1926"

Bobcat Band shirt and sweatshirt designs

are available on line this year.  This has been much easier for our boosters to process and easier for our band supporters.  Several former band parents have also purchased them as well.  Last spring the senior band class of 2015 researched our history and found that the BG band was first established in 1926.  They then made a banner recognizing this.  This led to the boosters including "est. 1926" on our spirit wear this year.  After seeing the new shirts and sweatshirts, many have asked if they could still purchase the new spirit wear.  

To order Bobcat Band spirit wear, you can go to

The spirit wear campaign is open again until 9/27/15

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