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 Whats Happening

Uniform Fee ($60) – New for 2016 – uniform fees will be collected with book fees at student orientation in August.  In addition to covering uniform cleaning costs, this fee helps the band boosters cover the cost of purchasing three uniforms:  marching uniforms, concert uniforms, and summer uniforms:  (marching band coats, pants, hats, gloves, shirts, shorts, concert band dresses, tuxes, and more!)
Summer Uniforms
Summer uniforms consist of a red polo that says either “BGHS Band” or “Bowling Green Performing Arts,” plus a pair of band-issued khaki shorts and white Drillmaster shoes with short white socks.  Summer uniforms will be worn when the directors call for summer rather than full marching uniforms; students should keep these pieces at the high school.
Continuing band members should already have a red polo and khaki shorts assigned to them.  If there is a need for different size, students may trade shirts or shorts in good condition for a different size.  If new shirts or shorts need to be purchased, the cost is $10 for each item.
New band students may continue to use the red polo shirt received in middle school.  If a student does not have a polo, she or he will receive one at fitting time.  He or she will also be fitted for a pair of khaki shorts.
Marching Uniforms
In July or August, every student will be fitted or re-fitted for her or his marching uniform jacket, pants, and hat.  He or she will also receive one pair of gloves as a new student.  Replacement gloves are $3 per pair.  Marching uniformsmust be kept at the high school.
Each student must also provide plain white cotton shorts to wear under the marching uniform, and long (mid-calf or higher), plain white socks.  Footie socks or short socks may be worn only with summer uniforms.
Additionally, each student will need a pair of Drillmaster white marching shoes.  These can be purchased through Rettig Music:  www.rettigmusic.com.   Click on “Shop by School,” then select Bowling Green City Schools, and then Marching Band.  New students or students who need a new pair should order these soon so the shoes are here for the Wood County Fair Parade. New shoes cost $31.95.  The band also has very limited number of used Drillmaster shoes available for $10.
Students wear formalwear during concert season from November through May.  Fittings for formalwear take place late fall.  Formalwear must be kept at the high school.
Girls are provided a black dress, and will need to provide black shoes.
Boys are provided a tuxedo and white shirt.  They will need to provide black dress shoes and black socks.
Questions?  Contact the uniform chair: Marian Zengel (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 419-508-3678).
Uniform Checklist
·         Pay annual uniform fee of $60 per student during high school orientation
·         The BGHS Band will provide:
o    Marching Uniform jacket, pants, hat
o    First pair of gloves
o    One polo shirt and one pair of shorts for use as the summer uniform
o    Concert wear -  dress for girls or tuxedo for boys
o    Cleaning, maintenance, and alterations of marching uniforms and concert formal wear
·         Each student will provide:
o    White Drillmaster band shoes for marching season
o    Long white socks for marching band uniform
o    White cotton shorts for marching band uniform
o    White footie socks or short socks for summer uniforms
o    Black dress shoes for concert wear
o    Boys – black socks for concert wear
o    If needed, purchase replacement gloves, polo shirt, and/or shorts; purchases must be made through the band.